AQUAS™ Commercial Pool Package

Trusted by some of the top facilities in the world for its high efficiency and performance, an AQUAS pool package system can give you the perfect temperature for the perfect swim.

  • High Thermal Efficiency

    With 9 indoor and outdoor models ranging from 285,000 to 850,000 Btu/hr, the AQUAS package boasts up to 98% thermal efficiency.

  • Pool Heat Exchanger

    Includes titanium plate and frame industrial-grade heat exchanger that facilitates effective heat transfer while resisting corrosion from salt water and chlorine.

  • Smart System Control

    Control is at your fingertips with the Smart Touch™ multicolor graphic display, navigation dial, maintenance reminders, and more.

  • Direct Vent With PVC

    Installation with PVC piping and direct venting can reduce installation costs. A dedicated intake pipe also protects against corrosive pool chemicals.

Collage of various water heaters

Effective Heat Transfer for High Efficiency

The AQUAS commercial pool package boasts effective heat transfer that leads to up to 98% thermal efficiency and reduced fuel costs. The package features a free-standing, highly efficient modulating condensing boiler piped to a dedicated titanium pool heat exchanger, which maximizes heat transfer of the boiler water to the pool water.


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