Correctional Facility Reduces CO2 Emissions by Estimated 128 Metric Tons

Case Studies

by Lochinvar Marketing Department | 04/13/2022

With 2,645 inmates in population, the Mansfield Correctional Institute could largely benefit from reduced energy costs for its water heating needs.  When learning of cogeneration technology, the staff decided to implement Lochinvar’s XRGI® 25 Micro Cogeneration system.  This equipment consists of a 24kW induction system that uses city gas as fuel. It is comprised of one reciprocating Toyota engine, one heat recovery induction generator, two 400,000 Btu/hr FTXL® condensing boilers and two 120-gallon Squire® Indirect water heaters. The electricity and heat produced by this system are used for power and heat for the correctional facility. 

By combining the installation of the new Cogeneration system with the existing equipment, the facility could provide almost 100% of the facility’s heating with privately-owned generation equipment. The system also makes a major contribution to environmental efforts such as energy conservation and reduction of CO2 emissions.