CREST Delivers A+ Energy Efficiency at Massachusetts Middle School

Case Studies

by Lochinvar Marketing Department | 10/09/2013

During the summer of 2011, the facility management team at Melican Middle School in Northborough, Massachusetts, began the process of replacing the school’s existing boiler system with new, higher efficiency equipment. The existing system was comprised of two 4.5 million Btu/hr boilers, which had been in place since the school was constructed in 1973. The goal was to replace this aging, inefficient equipment with a new system that would significantly reduce operating costs for the 126,000 square foot school. The on-site engineer chose to specify a commercial condensing boiler system. The installing contractor, Aalanco Service Corporation, suggested Lochinvar’s CREST® Condensing Boiler, which had been introduced to the market earlier in the year.

After removing the old units, the Aalanco team, led by Mike McLaughlin, installed three 3 million Btu/hr Crest Condensing Boilers.  Based on the location of the mechanical room, they chose to vent the system through the roof.  Due to delay, the venting material had not yet been delivered at the time of the boiler installation.  McLaughlin and the team leveraged CREST's venting options to provide a temporary solution, horizontally venting one of the boilers.  This venting flexibility eliminated the need to bring in a temporary boiler trailer.
"The installation went very smoothly thanks to all of CREST's venting options and the simple setup offered by the SMART TOUCH control", said McLaughlin.  "After hearing good things about CREST, we were really excited to see it in action with this initial installation and it exceeded our expectations."

In the first year following the installation, the energy savings from the CREST Condensing Boiler totaled approximately $35,000.

"Since this first experience, we've completed numerous additional CREST installations and each one has been a great success," McLaughlin said.