FTXL™ Boilers with CON•X•US® Remote Connect Come to the Rescue of Custom Home in Calgary

Case Studies

by Lochinvar Marketing Department | 11/24/2015

At a residential custom home outside of Calgary, a consistent lack of hot water and heat drove the homeowners to replace their boiler system to solve the issue. They worked with Byron's Plumbing to determine the best solution and the ideal system for their needs. Led by Hydronic Designer, Martin Kluck, the Byron's Plumbing team first assessed the entire heating requirements for the home from past to present to future. Then they interviewed the homeowners and asked them to detail all of the heating and hot water problems they had encountered over the years. From there, they compiled the data and did a full heat loss calculation on what the home needed. Kluck assessed that, with the removal of one snow melt area and the addition of another, two smaller boilers could be used in place of the previous model.  Because of the remote location of the home, they split the final heat loss calculation between two boilers to offset the risk of losing hot water in the case that one boiler was taken offline.

After removing the existing boiler and buffer tank, they installed two 400,000 Btu/hr FTXL Fire Tube Boilers.  The FTXL Boilers are equipped with Lochinvar's CON·X·US remote connectivity platform, which allows the homeowner and Byron's Plumbing to monitor and manage boiler functionality from any internet-capable device.

Wayne McNeely, CEO of Byron's Plumbing recognized the value of the CON·X·US remote access for this particular appliation.  "We feel it's a huge benefit for a service contractor to be able to identify the parameters of the boiler remotely without having to walk the homeowner through the diagnostics process or pay for an after hours service call to evaluate the problem, travel from the home's remote location to purchase any necessary parts and drive back to fix the issue," said McNeely.  "Personally, I don't like giving bad news to customers when there's an issue with their mechanical system but I know they'd much rather get a call about a problem before they feel the effects of it.  It gives them peace of mind that someone is looking out for them." 

Since the installation, the homeowner has had a consistent supply of hot water and no issues meeting demand.  Most importantly, they have the peace of mind that they have the best possible system in place, the right boilers, the convenience of remote connect and the service of the Byron's Plumbing team.