GreenSource Cincinnati Inspires Green Building Professionals

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by Lochinvar Marketing Dept. | 07/15/2010

As the movement towards green building continues to grow, navigating through the sea of available products and practices can be a daunting task for today’s building professionals. In an effort to cut through this clutter and offer unbiased advice, an Ohio-based industry veteran developed a one-of-a-kind resource center that aims to inspire the Midwest building community with energy-efficient, sustainable technologies. Offering visitors a truly unique learning experience, GreenSource Cincinnati showcases a wide array of commercial and residential applications, ranging from a grey water recycling system to a green roof system and everything in between.
Green Building Takes Root in Cincinnati

In 2008, Ez Housh, president of family-owned Monroe Mechanical in Monroe, Ohio, purchased an 1875 vintage building in downtown Cincinnati. His vision was to renovate it to meet LEED Gold standards for energy-efficiency and offer industry professionals the opportunity to see and learn from green technology in action.

While his initial concept revolved around a first-floor showroom setup, the project quickly flourished into a robust technology showcase encompassing all four floors of the building.

GreenSource Cincinnati Technology Partners

Housh and Monroe Mechanical have been using energy efficient mechanical systems since 1954. Based on their extensive industry experience, Housh and the GreenSource Cincinnati team hand-selected the most viable renewable technologies available for the resource center. Having installed the KNIGHT® Heating Boiler from Lochinvar® in numerous applications, including many state-of-the-art radiant heating systems, Housh approached Lochinvar about becoming one of the center’s technology partners.

“Currently, GreenSource Cincinnati has just over 50 technology partners, all of whom meet our strict requirements for quality, efficiency and sustainability,” stated Housh. “As the most advanced fully-modulating high-efficiency condensing boiler available, The KNIGHT exemplifies all of these attributes and then some.”

The Visitor Experience

GreenSource Cincinnati is available to architects, engineers, building owners, property managers, data center managers and area organizations for planned tours and events.

Visitors to the facility have the opportunity to view many of the featured products and technologies in operation, while others are for demonstration purposes only. Some areas of the building and technologies are left exposed to offer guests a glimpse into the internal components and functionality. For example, a portion of a display room wall is glass-covered to showcase the spray-foam insulation, while the mechanical closet displaying the two KNIGHT Heating Boilers has a glass door to allow guests to view the integration process.
GreenSource Cincinnati also holds regular meetings for the Cincinnati chapter of the United States Green Building Council, the American Institute of Architects and other green-focused groups, as well as frequent “lunch and learn” seminars.
“We were thrilled about the opportunity to partner with GreenSource Cincinnati,” stated Jeff Vallett, executive vice president of sales and marketing for Lochinvar. “With the ever-increasing amount of information, products and technologies available, Ez and his team are offering an invaluable resource to professionals in our industry who want to better understand what options are out there and see first-hand how they work.”

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