Hydronic Heating Tour Through November


by Lochinvar | 06/24/2008

Lochinvar® Corporation’s Hydronic Heating Tour continues to travel throughout the US and Canada demonstrating the Solution and new KNIGHT Heating Boiler.

This self-contained tour van provides visitors with a hands-on demonstration of Lochinvar’s industry-leading hot water solutions. The tour will make stops at the following locations this spring and summer:

  • • Eastern Montana with VEMCO – September 4 – 8
  • • Montana with VEMCO – September 11 – 15
  • • Southern Idaho with Q-West Sales – September 18 – 22
  • • Northern Utah with Q-West Sales – September 25 – 29
  • • Oregon with Suntoya – October 2 – 20
  • • Western Washington with Suntoya – October 23-31
  • • Eastern Washington with Suntoya – November 1 – 10
  • • CIPHEX West 2006 in Calgary, Alberta Canada – November 14 – 15
  • • Southern Utah with Q-West Sales – November 20-22

Contact your local Lochinvar representative for exact dates and locations. To find your local representative go to www.Lochinvar.com and click on the rep locator.

“Lochinvar’s Demonstration Van is traveling the United States and Canada to give contractors and distributors a first hand look at the products they sell and install,” said Mike Lahti, VP of Sales at Lochinvar.

The 27-foot demonstration van is equipped with two full-size KNIGHT 105,000 Btu/Hr models fully piped and vented as in a real installation, and one 285,000 Btu/Hr model cutaway showing all inner components. The KNIGHT offers a fully modulating burner with 5:1 turndown and an internal cascading sequencer as standard that allows multiple boilers to be controlled by one central boiler.

Lochinvar’s Solution boiler is also on board. The Solution boiler features a gasketless copper finned-tube heat exchanger that provides for fast, high-efficiency heat transfer, two stage – low/high/low firing control, and it is designed to allow easy access to all major components for servicing.

The van also features a plasma display screen to demonstrate the KNIGHT’s SMART SYSTEM™ PC Software. Additional graphics explain thermal efficiency, heat exchanger design, proper boiler piping, and much more.