Introducing the Lochinvar KNIGHT heating boiler


by Lochinvar | 06/24/2008

Lochinvar® Corporation is pleased to introduce a new commercial boiler line: the KNIGHT heating boiler. The KNIGHT offers a fully modulating burner with 5:1 turndown and a cascading feature that allows multiple boilers to be controlled by one central boiler.

The 5:1 turndown feature allows a KNIGHT boiler to generate as much or as little heat as necessary to provide a consistent, stable indoor temperature. Since the KNIGHT is able to adjust heat output according to demand, fuel use is kept to an absolute minimum. With a 93 percent DOE AFUE efficiency rating on the 80 to 285 models and a 91 percent thermal efficiency rating on the 399 and 500 models, the KNIGHT can literally cut heating costs in half. Only a modulating burner with advanced condensing technology can offer that level of efficiency.

Available in seven models with inputs from 80 to 500 MBH, the KNIGHT condensing boiler is a champion of high efficiency on a quest to vanquish high utility bills. Since the KNIGHT can reduce its heat output as much as 80 percent, the indoor air temperature does not fluctuate between cycles, as can happen with traditional “forced air” heating systems that are either on or off. The KNIGHT’s 5:1 turndown also extends the lifespan of the equipment by eliminating unnecessary starting and stopping of the boiler.

The KNIGHT offers a simple SMART SYSTEMTM operating control with a user-friendly interface. The two-line, 16-character LCD display uses clear English to communicate with the technician. There are no alphanumeric codes to decipher, which simplifies installation and speeds up service calls. Plus, the boiler’s self-diagnostic features will interface with a computer PC to speed up service calls and show trends in energy consumption.

The KNIGHT’s internal cascading sequencer feature allows multiple boilers to be controlled by one of the boilers themselves rather than an outside, third party controller. No additional control must be purchased to get the money saving advantages of a sequencer with the KNIGHT.

The compact, lightweight design of the Lochinvar KNIGHT makes installation simple and inexpensive. The convenient direct vent KNIGHT boiler allows for up to 100 feet of air intake and 100 feet of flue gas exhaust with PVC pipe, and it has zero clearance to combustible materials. The equipment is built to commercial-grade standards for safe and reliable operation.

The proven lifetime performance of the new KNIGHT condensing boiler allows Lochinvar to offer an exclusive 12-year limited warranty