Lochinvar Announces Enhancements for Copper-Fin II® Water Heaters and Boilers


by Lochinvar | 06/23/2008

Lochinvar Corporation, a leading manufacturer of water heaters, boilers and pool heaters, has enhanced the Copper-Fin II® product line for easier installation and service.

The next generation
Copper-Fin II®, is the result of 10 years experience in patented Copper-Fin technology, delivering reliability and serviceability with Lochinvar exclusive features designed to make it “easy.”

With independent duel ignition systems, multiple gas valves, fans and burners, the
Copper-Fin II is two units built in one, greatly reducing the likelihood of a total system shut-down. Its exclusive features, including the gasket-less heat exchanger and duel ignition systems, represent a heater with superior reliability. Features of the Copper-Fin II service-friendly design include:
• Gas valves and shut-off cocks are in the upper deck for easier access;
• All gas, electrical and building management connections have been moved to the front for easier access and installation;
• A second sight glass has been added on both ends of the unit for flexibility;
• Rear or side mounted air inlet direct vent box for greater venting flexibility;
• The control panel has been redesigned to allow controls to be operated without opening the control panel cover;
• Indicator lights are now low energy LEDs; and
• The Multi-Stack Frame is an exclusive option, allowing two heaters to be stacked in the space normally required for one.

Copper-Fin II demonstrates superior efficiency with standard models operating at 85% thermal efficiency, putting fuel dollars to better use. Venting options include certified direct vent sealed combustion, which lowers the cost of installation, operation and maintenance, while ensuring plentiful combustion ventilation air.

Aire-Lock Direct vent utilizes a sealed Aire-Lock™ combustion system to draw fresh combustion air up to 50 equivalent feet from a sidewall or the roof and vents all by-products horizontally up to 50 equivalent feet through the sidewall or vertically through the roof top.

Copper-Fin II utilizes a unique fan-assisted combustion process to produce extremely low NOx emissions at a rating of less than 30 ppm, which exceeds the most stringent air quality standards.

“For more than 75 years we have been designing and developing high-efficiency water heaters and boilers that are at the forefront of technology,” said Jeff Vallett, executive vice president of Lochivnar Corporation. “With our commitment to research and development, we bring more to the table than the competition by offering the broadest range of products in the industry, assuring the highest level of manufacturing quality and providing the most comprehensive customer service program available.”