Lochinvar® Brings CON•X•US® Remote Connect to CREST® Boilers


by Lochinvar Marketing Department | 10/08/2015

The CREST® Condensing Boiler is the latest Lochinvar product line to offer the company’s exclusive CON•X•US® remote connectivity platform. All CREST Boiler models now feature the next generation of Lochinvar’s all-in-one SMART TOUCH™ operating control with the integration of CON•X•US remote connect, which offers the ability to monitor and manage multiple CREST Boiler plants without ever stepping into the mechanical rooms. 

Using a wired or wireless connection, the CON•X•US platform sends alerts via text or email notifying the user of changes in system status and allows for the modification of boiler settings from almost anywhere. Once downloaded, the free CON•X•US mobile application allows for remote access to all SMART TOUCH functions using any internet-capable device. In addition, SMART TOUCH with CON•X•US can be integrated directly into Building Automation Systems via Modbus and BACnet MSTP as standard equipment. 

Originally introduced with the FTXL™ Fire Tube Boiler, CON•X•US advanced technology was also made available on KNIGHT® Wall Mount (WHN) Boilers and KNIGHT Floor Mount (KBN) Boilers earlier in 2015. For more information about CON•X•US remote connectivity, visit www.Lochinvar.com.