Lochinvar Earns Governor’s Award of Excellence


by Lochinvar | 06/23/2008

Lochinvar Corporation has earned the state’s top award for workplace safety. The Governor’s Award is issued by the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development to honor the elite few companies who boast 800,000 man-hours without a single lost workday or restricted duty incident due to injury.*

Lochinvar is an international manufacturing company headquartered in Lebanon, Tennessee, where it manufactures high-efficiency water heaters, boilers and pool heaters. The company exceeded all performance goals for its 2003 Safety and Health Plan, including a dramatic reduction of OSHA-reportable incidents. Only one such incident occurred from their manufacturing group in all of 2003.

In the past 18 months, Lochinvar enhanced its internal safety inspections, improved safety incident case management, formed an Ergonomics Task Force and program, and developed a Safety Training Matrix to evaluate its safety requirements. Despite the clear success of these programs, Lochinvar is determined not to become complacent. “We have gone beyond just setting up new rules and new training programs,” says Bill Vallett, Jr., president of Lochinvar. “Our employees have created a safety minded culture that is now an integral part of our work environment.”

Vallett also points to Lochinvar’s safety record as strong recruiting tool for potential employees and clients. “Of course our top priority is the welfare of our employees,” he explains. “But the time and money we spend on safety isn’t an expense. It’s an investment that improves morale and productivity, and it cuts costs in the long term. We see it as a win-win situation.”

A ceremony to present the award to Lochinvar will be held July 28.