Lochinvar® Enhances COPPER-FIN Commercial Product Family


by Lochinvar Marketing Department | 05/11/2011

        Since introducing the Copper-Fin family of commercial gas boilers and water heaters nearly 50 years ago, Lochinvar has continued to refine and perfect it to meet the needs of the industry. This commitment to ongoing product enhancement continues today, with several recent updates to the time-proven Copper-Fin design. Available in models from 495,000 to 2,065,000 Btu/hr, the Copper-Fin line offers the same advanced technology and innovative features that have set the bar for superior water heating performance, with enhancements that further improve its serviceability and ease-of-installation.

Increased Flexibility + Versatility
With compact sizes and the unique Stack Frame option that allows for installation of two units in the area normally required for one, the Copper-Fin line is known for user-friendly flexibility. To further simplify installation and servicing, the control panel, Building Management System connections and other field connections are now positioned on terminal boards at the front of the unit to allow for easier access. The operator interface panel continues to provide two-stage electronic temperature control and comprehensive diagnostic status without opening the control panel. To improve accessibility to the lower front chamber, the lower front panel is now removable without also requiring removal of the upper front panels.

Lochinvar has also enhanced the aesthetics of Copper-Fin with simple changes to the front of the appliance. For example, the Combustion Air Grills previously located on the front panels have been eliminated and replaced by a Combustion Air Filter Box on the back of the appliance. The diagnostic LCD light panel has been moved toward the center of the boiler for easier access, as well.

Expanding upon the versatility of the Copper-Fin family, the larger units ranging from 985,000 to 2,065,000 Btu/hr are now rated for installation on combustible floors. The smaller units may be installed on a combustible floor when equipped with an optional combustible floor kit available from Lochinvar.

Time-Proven Copper-Fin Heat Exchanger, Efficiency
The unique Copper-Fin design uses a two pass heat exchanger, which circulates water through a row of highly efficient finned copper tubes. This water flow creates a scouring action that prevents sediment and lime-scale buildup, while the tubes allow maximum heat transfer efficiency.