Lochinvar Enhances COPPER-FIN II® Product Line


by Lochinvar Marketing Department | 08/09/2011

In 1993, Lochinvar introduced the Copper-Fin II, the first line of horizontal chassis, copper-finned tube water heaters, boilers and pool heaters to operate with fan-assisted combustion. Available in models up to 2,070,000 Btu/hr, the Copper-Fin II line is known throughout the industry for its high thermal efficiency, unique gasketless heat exchanger, proportional firing, small footprint and multiple venting options. Today, the proven performance of this line has been further enhanced with design updates and a new operating control, taking Copper-Fin II to a new level of innovation.

Smarter System, Greater Control
Among the major enhancements to the Copper-Fin II family of products, all models are now equipped with the exclusive SMART SYSTEM™ control. Originally developed and introduced in 2005, SMART SYSTEM is the industry’s most advanced integrated operating control designed to simplify installation, system sequencing, set-up and troubleshooting.

The user-friendly SMART SYSTEM interface features a two-line, 16 character LCD display that provides readouts of setup, system status and diagnostic data in words rather than codes. Equipped with a built-in cascading sequencer, SMART SYSTEM allows for the installation and control of up to eight units. Further expanding upon the well-established cascading sequencer, the Copper-Fin II offers balanced control with Front End Loading capabilities when connected to Lochinvar’s CREST® Condensing Boiler.

Other standard SMART SYSTEM control features include outdoor reset with sensor, Domestic Hot Water prioritization, three pump control, night setback and password security. Optional PC software offers expanded capability for recording, tracking and analyzing system data to fine-tune operation for maximum performance and troubleshooting.

In addition, the Copper-Fin II now has a more conveniently positioned High Voltage Terminal strip for easy connection to a 120-volt power source; control contacts for System Pump, Boiler Pump and DHW Pump; as well as a Low Voltage Terminal board allowing for connection to an array of control and safety features such as 0-10 VDC BMS input, contacts for air louvers and optional Modbus protocol.

Space-Saving, Service-Friendly Design
While Copper-Fin II is known for its small footprint and Lochinvar’s unique factory-welded Stack Frame option that allows for installation of two units in the area normally required for one, the enhanced models offer a more service-friendly design. The gas inlet and internal controls have been repositioned to the front of the appliance for easier access during installation and service. The built-in air filter reduces maintenance and improves performance with a field convertible option to install the air intake on the rear or the right side of the boiler.

Expanding upon the versatility of the Copper-Fin family, the larger units ranging from 990,000 to 2,070,000 Btu/hr are now rated for installation on combustible floors. The smaller units may be installed on a combustible floor when equipped with an optional combustible floor kit available from Lochinvar.

Time-Proven Heat Exchanger
In 1989, Lochinvar was the first manufacturer to offer gasketless cast iron and copper-finned tube heat exchangers. This unique gasketless design enhances reliability by eliminating o-rings and gaskets often encountered with other brands. The advanced heat exchanger features glass-lined headers and copper-finned tubes with extruded integral fins spaced at seven fins per inch for exceptional heat transfer. The heat exchanger is built to ASME construction standards for 160 psi working pressure and is backed by a 10-year limited warranty.