Lochinvar Expands Power-Fin Line


by Lochinvar | 06/23/2008

Time-tested and cutting edge. It is hard to be both at the same time. Lochinvar makes it happen with a bold new expansion of the Power-Fin line. The first Power-Fin boiler rolled off the assembly line nearly 20 years ago. Today, it is a tried-and-true champion of efficiency and reliability. The new models are also on the leading edge of technology and innovation. The Power-Fin is now more flexible and easier to install. These new boilers offer an input capacity from 500,000 to 1,300,000 Btu/hr—but require just 4.6 sq. ft. of floor space. They also require zero clearance on each side to ensure a truly minimal footprint. Only Power-Fin can offer such a powerful performance from a boiler so compact. The Power-Fin is available in two firing configurations: On/Off or Full Modulation. The On/Off model is ideal for replacement or retrofit applications where an existing Category I vent is already installed. The Full Modulation model provides maximum energy efficiency. It reduces heat output in 1% increments as demand drops, which optimizes fuel use. These units have a 4:1 turndown, meaning their peak output is four times as high as the minimum stable firing rate.

With an 87% thermal efficiency rating, 87¢ out of every fuel dollar goes into heating water. This dramatically reduces operating costs and ensures clean combustion. Furthermore, the sealed combustion design guarantees fuel dollars are spent heating the water, not the mechanical room.

At the center of the Power-Fin combustion chamber is a unique ceramic burner that allows for perfectly even gas and air distribution. This results in NOx emissions of less than 30 ppm—far exceeding even the most stringent air quality standards.

The heart of the Power-Fin is the vertical-mounted gasketless copper tube heat exchanger with exactly seven fins per inch. This unique design has a heat transfer ratio nine times greater than ordinary copper tubing. Furthermore, the high-grade cast iron headers require no gaskets or O-rings, virtually eliminating cracks and leaks.

To ensure failsafe operation, a digital control panel with advanced diagnostic features comes standard on every Power-Fin boiler. The control panel is accurate to +/- 1? F, and LED indicators provide information on boiler operation and status. All major functions of the boiler are automatically checked and controlled; the control panel not only warns against failures but also helps pinpoint the source of any problem. Plus, the large digital display is easy to read, and setup is a snap.

With the Lochinvar Harmony Sequencer, the flexibility of the Power-Fin with optional modulation becomes limitless. The Harmony ties multiple Lochinvar boilers together into a single heating system with maximum versatility. Since the Sequencer automatically determines which boiler to fire, when, and for how long, the turndown ratio increases exponentially with each new boiler added to the system. Harmony technology also minimizes unnecessary staging and ensures equal usage of the boilers within the system. This, in turn, optimizes energy efficiency and equipment lifespan (MP2 is used when the Power-Fin is ordered with on/off controls).