by Lochinvar Marketing | 12/19/2011

     Lochinvar is introducing its latest innovation, the SMART SYSTEM™ Multi Temperature Loop Control (MTLC). Designed to simplify the integration of KNIGHT Heating Boilers into multiple temperature hydronic heating systems, this compact and attractive accessory accurately controls up to three separate space heating loop temperatures, while maximizing the efficiency of the heating boiler as a primary function. The new MTLC works in conjunction with the on-board SMART SYSTEM Control on all 2nd generation floor-standing and wall-mount KNIGHT Heating Boilers for residential applications as well as KNIGHT XL Commercial Heating Boilers. 

Comfort & Efficiency Made Easy 

     Heating comfort and energy-efficient boiler operation are the driving forces behind the MTLC. Many of today’s hydronic heating systems are complex in that they distribute heat to as many as three different supply loops plus an indirect water heater, all requiring a unique temperature. MTLC takes the guesswork out of how to control the boiler supply water temperature without sacrificing efficiency.
     Efficiency of a boiler rises when entering water temperature drops, so the importance of operating the boiler at the lowest current temperature demand of the system is the key to saving on operating expenses. The MTLC not only handles this operation based on a call for heat from four separate thermostat contacts, but it controls pump operation and directs mixing valves in the system to provide optimum supply temperatures to each of the loops.
     Installation of the control is easily handled through wiring in the terminal strips located on the boiler and control as well as easy setup through the display on the KNIGHT Boiler.