by Lochinvar Marketing Department | 04/18/2008


Continuing to lead the industry in high-efficiency water heaters and boilers, Lochinvar introduces the KNIGHT XL Commercial Boiler, a modulating/condensing unit with an array of innovative features that make it the most advanced boiler in its class.  With 94.6 percent thermal efficiency, Low NOx emissions and a fully modulating burner with 5:1 turndown, this new boiler is the ideal "green choice" for today's environmentally focused market.  
Ultimate Ease of Installation and Maintenance
Available in five models with 399,000, 500,000, 600,000, 700,000 and 800,000 Btu/hr inputs, the KNIGHT XL promises and delivers incredible ease of installation and maintenance.  With its compact design and ASME stainless steel heat exchanger, KNIGHT XL boilers are remarkably lightweight and easy to handle on the jobsite.  The units also feature an exceptionally small footprint for space-saving versatility and zero clearance to combustible materials.  Equipped for direct-vent installation with air intake and exhaust runs up to 100 feet, the KNIGHT XL offers unrivaled flexibility for both light-duty and high-demand commercial applications. 
SMART SYSTEM™ Simplicity
Engineered with Lochinvar's exclusive SMART SYSTEM control, the KNIGHT XL offers unequalled control and monitoring functions that are easy to understand and use.  The two-line, 16-character LCD display uses words instead of potentially confusing codes to communicate with the technician.  In addition, the SMART SYSTEM operating control includes a built-in cascading sequencer for the installation of up to eight KNIGHT XL units, delivering up to 6.4 million Btu/hr heating capacity. 
Other standard SMART SYSTEM control features include outdoor reset, three pump control, night setback and password security.  Plus, optional software for a PC or Pocket PC offers expanded capability for recording, tracking and analyzing system data to fine-tune operation for maximum performance and troubleshooting.
Excellence in Efficiency
        The KNIGHT XL allows fully modulating combustion with 5:1 turndown.  The stainless steel burner can fire as low as 20 percent of maximum input and modulates up to 100 percent as demand increases, allowing the boiler to generate the appropriate amount of heat to provide a consistent, stable indoor temperature. Since the KNIGHT XL is able to adjust heat output according to demand, fuel use is kept to an absolute minimum.  The burner also fires in a 360º pattern along the entire length of the primary heat exchanger, allowing the compact KNIGHT XL to further outshine competitive units with larger multiple burners.

The addition of KNIGHT XL to Lochinvar's legendary line of boilers reflects a constant commitment to providing the ideal option to serve each unique application.  As a sign of their dedication to quality products, Lochinvar offers an exclusive 12-year limited warranty on the KNIGHT XL.