Lochinvar Introduces New High Efficiency Residential Gas Water Heaters


by Lochinvar | 06/23/2008

Lochinvar® Corporation introduces new residential gas high efficiency water heaters. All models exceed the NAECA and ASHRAE Energy Efficiency Standards and meet the requirements for Title 24 of the California Energy Commission.

The new residential gas high efficiency water heaters are available in storage capacities of 30-, 40-, and 50-gallon. All models are designed to operate at energy factor levels that meet or exceed the requirements of most local utility rebate programs.

These high efficiency water heaters are equipped with shield combustion technology to provide high efficiency, long service life, maintenance-free operation and low NOx emissions. The corrosion-resistant chamber of the shield combustion system, redirects air through a stainless steel flame arrestor plate to prevent flame rollout and flammable vapor ignition. A thermal switch that can be reset shuts down the burner and pilot operation in the event of a flammable vapor ignition. The system also protects against lint, dust and oil buildup by shutting down when it detects significant air restriction.

A whisper-quiet, 360° low NOx burner incorporates aluminized steel into its die-formed design. This large burner diameter transfers more heat, while providing clean and efficient combustion, and satisfying local codes and emissions standards.

The improved non-CFC polyurethane closed cell foam insulation minimizes standby losses and maximizes heat retention, and provides uniform tank coverage with a thick blanket of R16 insulating foam.

The Piezo Ignitor provides easy pilot ignition with the push of a button, and the sight glass provides an unobstructed view into the combustion chamber for observation of burner and pilot flames. Other features of the new residential gas high efficiency water heaters include factory installed dielectric nipples to protect the tank from corrosive action between dissimilar metals, temperature and pressure relief valve and brass drain valve.