Lochinvar Introduces the Enhanced Power-Fin®


by Lochinvar | 06/23/2008

Lochinvar® Corporation has enhanced the high-efficiency line of Power-Fin® commercial water heaters and boilers for greater installation flexibility.

Power-Fin models feature digital temperature control, gasketless copper tube heat exchanger, multiple venting solutions, flexible installation and low NOx operation.

Power-Fin operates at up to 88 percent thermal efficiency rating, which means 88 cents out of every fuel dollar are used to create heat. The fan-assisted burner system can be specified as on/off fire, or infinitely proportional firing from 50 to 100 percent with pinpoint control. This means the Power-Fin can more accurately provide the amount of heat demanded based on the installation requirements—saving even more heating dollars.

Power-Fin’s digital control system features 16 individual LED readouts to monitor status and performance. The enhanced digital display is accurate to +/-1°F for precise system monitoring.

Power-Fin boasts six standard venting solutions, including conventional, sidewall, vertical direct vent, and horizontal direct vent, and can be vented up to 50 feet with the flexible two-pipe system. In addition, these units are compact enough to fit through standard 30-inch doorways intact and only require 5.5 square feet of floor space. With less than 30 ppm NOx emissions, all Power-Fin models meet the most stringent of air quality requirements.