Lochinvar Introduces the Next Generation Copper-Fin II


by Lochinvar | 06/20/2008

Lochinvar® Corporation introduces its next generation Copper-Fin II® commercial gas water heater/boiler, offering greater installation flexibility and easier service access to valves and connections.

With independent duel ignition systems, as well as multiple gas valves, fans and burners, the
Copper-Fin II is two units in one, greatly reducing the likelihood of a total system shutdown. Its exclusive features, including the gasketless heat exchanger and duel ignition systems, represent a heater with superior reliability. The Copper-Fin II’s proportional firing lowers energy costs and delivers more consistent water temperatures. Multiple referenced gas valves supply gas to the burners in stages, and multiple blowers maintain the proper airflow to ensure the most efficient combustion at each level of use. The built-in sequencer controls each of these functions by monitoring the need for heat, and automatically adjusts the mixture of air and gas as demand increases or decreases.

“The next generation
Copper-Fin II is the result of 10 years of experience delivering reliability and serviceability with Lochinvar exclusive features,” said Jeff Vallett, executive vice president for Lochinvar Corporation.

Gas shut-off valves are now located in the upper chamber and all electrical connections are positioned in the front of the heater, increasing the
Copper-Fin II’s service friendly design. The new digital multi-stage controller and diagnostic flash codes are accessible without opening the control panel.

Copper-Fin II offers seven venting options, including the certified Aire-Lock™ Direct Vent, which draws in fresh air and vents all by-products through a sidewall, lowering the cost of installation, operation and maintenance, while ensuring plentiful combustion air. For easier and more flexible installation, the air inlet location is field convertible, mounting on either the rear or side of the unit.

Additional venting options include:
• DirectAire® Vertical
• DirectAire® Vertical with Sidewall Inlet
• Power DirectAire® Horizontal
• Power Side Wall
• Outdoor
• Conventional

Copper-Fin II demonstrates superior efficiency with standard models operating at 85% (water heater) and 84% (boiler) thermal efficiency, putting fuel dollars to better use. The fan-assisted combustion process produces extremely low NOx emissions at a rating of less than 30 ppm, which exceeds the most stringent air quality standards. The Multi-Stack Frame is another Lochinvar exclusive option, allowing two heaters to be stacked in the space normally required for one. Welded and pre-assembled, the Multi-Stack Frame is another way the Copper-Fin II outweighs the competition.