Lochinvar® Kicks Off 2014-2015 VIP Contractor Program


by Lochinvar Marketing Department | 10/01/2014

Lochinvar has announced the launch of its 2014-2015 VIP Contractor Program. Kicking off on Oct. 1, 2014, the program offers participating contractors numerous ways to earn prizes for their installations of Lochinvar’s residential boilers. From receiving Visa® Reward Cards for product registrations to participating in the VIP Installation Showcase contest on Facebook, participating contractors can take full advantage of the many perks of being a VIP this heating season.

Rewards for Registrations
Throughout the year, approved VIP Contractors will receive a Visa® Reward Card for every eligible product they register. Qualified products include the high-efficiency KNIGHT®, Solution™ and Cadet® Boilers, as well as the Squire® Indirect Water Heater.

A mail-in VIP Contractor Registration Card is shipped with each of these products. Contractors can also register purchases quickly and easily at KnightHeatingBoiler.com. For every eligible boiler registration, the VIP Contractor will receive a Visa Reward Card pre-loaded with $25 value. Each registration of the Squire Indirect Water Heater will earn a card pre-loaded with $10 value.

In addition to the gift card rewards, approved VIP Contractors are entered into a monthly drawing for Lochinvar’s annual four-day getaway prize package, the Nashville Experience. The all-expenses-paid trip for two includes tickets to the world’s largest country music festival in June 2015. Winners and their guests will stay at Nashville’s Omni Hotel, a short walk from the ultimate experience for any country music fan. As part of the Nashville Experience, the winning VIP Contractors will also tour Lochinvar’s world headquarters and take part in a round-table discussion where they can share insights and information with Lochinvar executives.

VIP Installation Showcase
Once again this year, VIP Contractors can also compete to win spots on the Nashville Experience through the VIP Installation Showcase. Easily accessible on Lochinvar’s Facebook page, as well as at KnightHeatingBoiler.com, the VIP Installation Showcase offers a unique platform where participants can share photos of their installations and check out other contractors’ recent work.

From October 2014 through April 2015, approved contractors can upload a photo and brief description of any eligible boiler installation to the contest interface. Once an entry has been submitted, it is featured in a gallery where Facebook users can vote for their favorite installations. Each month of the Showcase, the top three entries with the most votes are selected as finalists, and a panel of Lochinvar judges chooses the winner. If an Installation Showcase entry is not named a winner in the month it was registered, there’s still a chance it may win in a later month. While VIP Contractors can only win the Nashville Experience once per year, submissions continue to be eligible to win even after the first month they are entered.

The seven monthly Showcase winners, along with the seven contractors randomly selected in the monthly drawings, will be joined on the Nashville Experience by two overall top-performing VIPs for a total of 16 winners of the grand prize package.

Offering yet another chance for participants to be rewarded for their installations, a new component of this year’s program is the addition of runner-up winners in the VIP Installation Showcase. Each month, the entry with the second-most votes will win a $250 Visa® Reward Card.

Exclusive Benefits
On top of the many rewards that VIP Contractors can earn as part of the program, participants also receive a wealth of exclusive benefits. Once a contractor joins the VIP Program, they are added to an online contractor database at KnightHeatingBoiler.com. When a homeowner in their area clicks on “Find a Contractor,” the VIP’s company name and contact information will appear in the search results, helping to connect them with new customers and grow their business.

VIP Contractors also receive the KNIGHT E-Newsletter with regular updates on Lochinvar products and programs, VIP Installation Showcases, tips from technical service experts and more. In addition, participating contractors have online access to videos, literature, case studies and other resources to further aid their sales efforts.

“We’re very excited to kick-off this year’s VIP Contractor Program,” said Marc Heffner, director of marketing for Lochinvar, LLC. “Not only does the program give us the chance to reward our loyal partners for their hard work and dedication, it also allows us to see first-hand their impressive installations, interact with them throughout the heating season and celebrate their accomplishments during the Nashville Experience.” To register to be a VIP Contractor or learn more about the program, visit www.KnightHeatingBoiler.com.