Lochinvar Launches High-Efficiency Heating System with CREST Condensing Boilers at Kennedy Space Center

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by Lochinvar Marketing Department | 07/31/2020

NASA’s Kennedy Space Center (KSC) has a rich history of innovation as the nation's premiere spaceport supporting both government and commercial launch vehicles and spacecraft. Spanning 219 square miles on Merritt Island, just northwest of Florida’s Cape Canaveral, KSC employs thousands of NASA experts and is equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

NASA recently created a master plan for transforming KSC from a single-user federal entity to a 21st century spaceport supporting a multitude of users and operations. Part of the effort is the Thermal Protection System Facility (TPSF Building) and Commercial Crew and Cargo Processing Facility (C3PF), which is designed to include numerous features to enhance its environmental efficiency and affordability.

One key area that reflects the project’s focus on efficiency is the heating system. A total of five CREST® Condensing Boilers from Lochinvar® were installed at KSC in late 2015 and early 2016. The boilers were installed in two buildings at the KSC complex by mechanical contractors from the Sauer Group. 

The high-efficiency CREST Boiler is designed to bring leading-edge technology to the largest applications, making it ideal for the expansive KSC footprint. Offering thermal efficiencies up to 99% and up to 20:1 turndown, CREST provides exceptional energy-saving performance. In addition, CREST communicates seamlessly and in real time with building management systems by utilizing an on-board Modbus protocol and BACnet MSTP.

The SMART TOUCH control with CON·X·US has a built-in cascading component that communicates with up to eight units, providing total command without an external control or control logic programming by the BMS integrator. And with the added feature of Lochinvar's exclusive CON·X·US remote connectivity, the CREST boiler can be monitored and modified from a remote location.

"We've installed CREST Boilers numerous times and we're always impressed with the ease of installation and simple setup with the SMART SYSTEM control," said Shawn McAleenan, installing contractor for the Sauer Group.  "At Kennedy Space Center we installed a total of five CREST Boilers across two buildings. All of the units are set up to leverage the boiler's built-in cascade option, which ensures reliable performance with no downtime while optimizing efficiency. Overall, everyone has been really happy with the operation of the CREST Boilers and we're confident that they'll play a key role in enhancing the facility's environmental efficiency."