Lochinvar® Offers Copper-Fin® Car Wash Bay De-Icing System


by Lochinvar | 06/24/2008

 The Copper-Fin Car Wash Bay De-Icing System from Lochinvar Corporation offers outstanding features that save energy, space and installation costs. With its unique design, Copper-Fin provides superior flexibility and outstanding performance.

Easy Installation

De-icing package systems are pre-engineered and pre-assembled with the necessary piping for carwash applications, making installation quick and easy. With the
Copper-Fin system, Lochinvar takes this ease of installation one step further by including a circulating pump and mounted, wired controls that allow the customer to simply slide the unit into place and connect the utilities.

The entire
Copper-Fin product line offers superior flexibility. The high-efficiency units are compact enough to fit through standard 36" doorways intact for models up to 2,065,000 Btu/hr. High-efficiency, fan-assisted combustion allows the use of a vent stack up to eight inches smaller than typically required, making installation less expensive and time-consuming.

Lochinvar also offers the Multi-Stack® frame, which allows the use of two units in the footprint normally required for one. This unique feature saves valuable space in the mechanical room by allowing the packaged de-icing boiler to share the same footprint utilized by the water heater.

Superior Performance

Copper-Fin always provides heat quickly and accurately, eliminating the temperature lags and overshoots often found in other de-icing systems. The high heat transfer ratio of the finned copper tubing, together with the high velocity water flow characteristics of the heat exchanger design, combine to offer a virtually instantaneous response to the demand for heat.

Since the
Copper-Fin design uses a two-pass heat exchanger, water is circulated through a row of highly efficient, finned copper tubes. The high rate of water flow creates a scouring action that prevents sediment and lime scale buildup common in conventional boilers, and the finned copper tubes provide maximum heat transfer efficiency.

In addition, Lochinvar developed a unique one-piece header system through advanced casting processes. This gasketless design provides enhanced reliability, improved durability and optimized performance, without the problems or failures found with O-Rings and gaskets.

Like all Lochinvar products, the
Copper-Fin Car Wash Bay De-Icing System is thoroughly tested to ensure proper performance