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Case Studies

by Lochinvar Marketing Department | 11/05/2014

Lochinvar packaged systems don't fit into one particular category.  Every detail of every system is completely customized.  The connections, the piping, the available footprint -- all of it carefully considered according to the exact specifications of your project.

Over 100 hours of piping and wiring later, Lochinvar's Job Shop, where all factory installed options, change-outs and packaged systems are created, unveiled this unique single piece of equipment.

The skid will be supplied with 300psi, 250°F water from a central heating facility. If there is a call for heat on the domestic hot water and/or the space heating side, the stainless steel 2-way valves will modulate to deliver the 250°F water to the indirect heat exchangers. When the DHW calls for heat, the DHW pump will turn on, the stainless steel valve will modulate, and DHW water will be heated indirectly by the 250°F water until the storage tank reaches its set point. On the space heating side, there are (2) 3-way diverting valves that will supply the building loop with indirectly heated water in the winter months and will divert chiller water to the building loop in the summer months.

Shipped skid-mounted and ready to connect to existing equipment, this system is a great example of Lochinvar's ingenuity. Contact Lochinvar Customer Service today for your custom packaged system needs.