Lochinvar Refines KNIGHT™ Wall Mount Fire Tube Boiler


by Lochinvar Marketing Department | 07/18/2017

Lochinvar’s KNIGHT™ wall mount fire tube boiler now has even more to offer. Ranging from 55,000 to 399,999 Btu/hr., select models provide up to 10:1 turndown, top and bottom water connections and an upgraded SMART SYSTEM Control®. Multiple water connection options reduce installation cost, complexity and the amount of piping needed for a job. 

The refined KNIGHT wall mount fire tube boiler models WHN56-286 offer 95 percent Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) while the WHN400 is rated with 94.4 percent Thermal Efficiency, Low-NOx emissions and a fully modulating burner, providing a heating solution for today’s environmentally conscious market. As with all other KNIGHT models, the modulating burner allows the KNIGHT to run smoothly and efficiently, without frequent on/off cycling.

The newest version of the SMART SYSTEM control is standard on all WHN wall mount fire tube models and offers an even larger multi-color graphic LCD display. The user-friendly SMART SYSTEM interface features easier setup and navigation of parameters. In addition, the SMART SYSTEM now offers DHW recirculation pump control, LOCH-N-LINK® programming, cascade leader redundancy and modulation factor for fine tuning aggressiveness. 

CON•X•US Remote Connect Enabled
The refined KNIGHT wall mount fire tube boiler is enabled for CON•X•US® Remote Connect. This popular option allows remote status checks, all parameters to be adjusted and status alerts to be delivered via text messages or email via virtually any internet capable device.

All KNIGHT models are equipped for direct-vent installation with air intake and exhaust runs up to 100 feet using PVC, CPVC, polypropylene or AL29-4C vent materials. The refined KNIGHT wall mount fire tube units offer tremendous flexibility for placement within any building.