Lochinvar Revolutionizes Operating Controls with the New KNIGHT Boiler


by Lochinvar | 06/23/2008

The KNIGHT’s SMART SYSTEMTM Control from Lochinvar® Corporation has set a new standard for simple, user-friendly controls on the new KNIGHT high efficiency, condensing heating boiler.

The KNIGHT’S SMART SYSTEMTM advanced operating controls incorporate a two-line, 16-character backlit LCD display allowing communication with an installer or technician in actual words rather than alphanumeric codes. Since the self-diagnostic features are easy to read and understand the amount of time it takes to setup or service the boiler can be greatly reduced by identifying the source of any issues.

The introduction of the KNIGHT heating boiler represents a major expansion into the condensing boiler market for Lochinvar, which has been a world leader in hydronics since 1919. “Before we took such a bold step, we wanted to make sure our product was head-and-shoulders above the competition,” says Lochinvar president Bill Vallett. “Our new operating controls are a big part of that. They are amazingly straight-forward, and they talk to you in plain English.”

Plus, the KNIGHT features 10-day logging and trending to simplify maintenance and maximize efficiency. The interface provides dual contractor and homeowner level password protection and a product service indicator light.

All of these advantages are enhanced by connecting the KNIGHT boiler to a personal computer. Software is available to trend energy consumption, evaluate performance, and perform diagnostics.

For maximum efficiency, the KNIGHT offers a fully modulating burner with 5:1 turndown. This allows a KNIGHT boiler to reduce heat output when demand is low, keeping fuel use to a minimum. With a 93% DOE AFUE efficiency rating, the KNIGHT can literally cut heating costs in half when compared to traditional “forced air” systems.

The compact, lightweight design of the Lochinvar KNIGHT makes installation simple and inexpensive. Its whisper-quiet operation and attractive casing allows the KNIGHT to be installed anywhere within the home. Plus, the convenient KNIGHT boiler vents up to 100 feet of air intake and 100 feet of flue gas exhaust with PVC and it has a zero clearance to combustible materials.

The proven lifetime performance of the new KNIGHT condensing boiler allows Lochinvar to offer an exclusive 12-year limited warranty.