Lochinvar Revolutionizes the Industry with the New EnergyRite2 Pool Heater


by Lochinvar | 06/20/2008

Lochinvar® Corporation introduces the EnergyRite2 pool and spa heater. The five new EnergyRite2 residential and light commercial pool heaters are available from 150,000 to 399,999 Btu/Hr and operate at an impressive 88 percent thermal efficiency rating, far exceeding the current standard for pool heaters.

is a fan-assisted, sealed combustion unit that utilizes precise mixing of combustion air and gas to ensure maximum efficiency. The unique sealed combustion chamber reduces the risk of a potentially dangerous flame rollout and helps prevent insects and other pests from nesting inside the unit, a common problem that can cause serious damage to a pool heater's burner. Less than 25" in height, EnergyRite2 ensures easy indoor and outdoor installation. EnergyRite2 offers multiple horizontal and vertical venting options that can save time and money during installation.

Available venting options include:
- Conventional Vertical;
- DirectAire® Vertical;
- DirectAire® Vertical/Horizontal;
- Power DirectAire® Horizontal;
- Power Sidewall;
- New E-Rite Sidewall.

The new E-Rite Sidewall venting option draws combustion air and vents the by-products of combustion horizontally through an outside wall up to 25 equivalent feet without an additional wall-mounted exhaust fan.

EnergyRite2 models are environmentally friendly and produce less than 20 ppm of NOx, surpassing even the most stringent air quality standards, and the EnergyRite2 already meets the more restrictive NOx limitations proposed for the future.

The outer shell of the
EnergyRite2 is made from sturdy heavy-gauge pre-painted steel and is thicker and stronger than other pool heaters in its class. To ensure the EnergyRite2 is as reliable as its heavy-duty casing, Lochinvar has equipped each unit with a corrosion-resistant cast iron, glass-lined header with an internal bypass and a durable, copper finned-tube heat exchanger.

Other features and benefits of the new
EnergyRite2 include:
- The utilization of hot surface ignition to guarantee quick, reliable starts;
- A prewired 24-volt terminal strip for easy connection of contacts;
- Two levels of self-diagnostic indicator lights for the homeowner and the service technician;
- Dual electronic thermostats for both a pool and spa to help maintain accurate temperature control;
- Strong, durable ASME-certified construction (optional).

The heat exchanger can be removed through the top of the unit, making service and maintenance even easier on the
EnergyRite2. Gas connections do not need to be broken when service is required. Lochinvar Corporation is a leading manufacturer of high-efficiency pool heaters, water heaters and boilers, ranging in capacity from small residential units to three-million-plus Btu/Hr models.

Based in Lebanon, Tenn., with facilities in Detroit, Mich., Tampa, Fla. and Dallas, Texas, Lochinvar stocks equipment at all locations.