Lochinvar Supplies Hot Water for Tennessee's New NFL Stadium

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by Lochinvar | 06/20/2008

Tennessee’s National Football League franchise will open its 1999 season in a new, state-of-the-art stadium currently under construction in downtown Nashville. The Tennessee Stadium construction team recently added an all-star “player” to its ranks – Lochinvar Corporation. Lochinvar will supply hot water for the new 67,000-seat Tennessee Stadium, which will serve as the new home of the Tennessee Titans, formerly known as the Tennessee Oilers and before that, the Houston Oilers.

Sitting on the banks of the Cumberland River in downtown Nashville, the Tennessee Stadium is currently about 50 percent completed, with the final completion date set for July 1999. The stadium construction project, which has spawned the largest plumbing contract ever issued in the city of Nashville, will utilize 130 Lochinvar water heaters, 8 million BTUs and 7000 gallons of water. Hot water applications include dozens of locker rooms, restrooms and concession stands.

According to Jeff Vallett, vice president/marketing for Lochinvar, this project is a welcome addition to a series of recent, successful stadium projects for Lochinvar. “The stadium and arena market has developed into an important segment of our water heater business,” said Vallett. “In addition to the Tennessee Stadium, we’ve supplied product for several other professional sports franchises’ facilities, including the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, Chicago Bears, Jacksonville Jaguars, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Atlanta’s Olympic Stadium, which now serves as home stadium for the Atlanta Braves.”

The 130 water heaters consist of a combination of 126 Lochinvar light commercial electric water heaters, as well as two Lochinvar package systems. The light commercial electric units, which are ideal for point-of-use applications such as stadium concession stands, are made up of seven different Lochinvar models, ranging in size from 2 gallons to 82 gallons. Each Lochinvar package system consists of two Copper-Fin commercial gas water heaters, a Lock-Temp® storage tank and a Stack frame. The Copper-Fin units (model CWN2065PM) have inputs of 2,065,000 BTUs each. Teamed with the jacketed and insulated Lock-Temp® storage tanks (THG3500J), the Copper-Fin models provide the constant water temperature needed to meet load requirements. The Lock-Temp® storage tanks are glass-lined and hold 3,500 gallons of water each. The Stack frame (MSF3009) enables the two Copper-Fin units to sit in the footprint normally required for one. All Lochinvar packaged systems are custom engineered and pre-assembled to precisely meet the specific application. They come with all piping assembled and mounted on I-beam skids, pressure tested and ready for hook-up.

Lochinvar Corporation is a leading manufacturer of high-efficiency water heaters and boilers. Based in Nashville, Tenn., with facility centers in Detroit, Mich., Dallas, Tex., Tampa, Fla., and Philadelphia, Pa., Lochinvar stocks equipment at all locations. For more information contact Craig Hausman, Lochinvar Corporation. 2005 Elm Hill Pike, Nashville, TN 37210. 615-889-8900 (phone); 615-885-4403 (fax). ###