Lochinvar Upgrades Copper-Fin for Car Wash Industry


by Lochinvar | 06/23/2008

Lochinvar Corp. has significantly enhanced its Copper-Fin line of boilers and water heaters to provide even more built-in advantages for the car wash industry. The next generation Copper-Fin continues to offer high-efficiency, ultra-reliable performance, and it is now easier to install and service.

“We devote a lot of attention to the features and upgrades that will benefit car wash owners,” says Lochinvar president Jeff Vallett. “The Copper-Fin is extremely efficient, and our new improvements will minimize installation time and expenses.”
The Copper-Fin boiler is an advanced de-icing system with customized piping to meet the needs of any car wash location. The system is pre-engineered and pre-assembled, so that it arrives on site in one piece for easy installation. Simply slide the Copper-Fin into place and connect the utilities.

The heart of the Copper-Fin is its two-pass heat exchanger. The finned copper tubes allow maximum heat transfer efficiency while the high rate of water flow prevents sediment and lime scale buildup. These two features also provide a virtually instantaneous response to heat demand, eliminating the temperature lags and overshoots associated with other de-icing systems. Plus, Lochinvar’s advanced casting processes provide the Copper-Fin with a one-piece, gasketless header system. This improves reliability and durability by doing away with the problems and failures related to O-Rings or gaskets.

The Copper-Fin de-icing system is available in a packaged system with a Copper-Fin water heater specifically designed for the car wash industry. The water heater has all of the advantages of the de-icing boiler system and is teamed with a Lock-Temp™ storage tank to provide heated wash water.

Lochinvar also offers an exclusive Stack frame, which allows two Copper-Fin units to be stacked into the space normally occupied by a single water heater or boiler. This leaves more room for revenue-generating car wash bays. All stack frames are welded and fully assembled in the factory and shipped in one piece for simple installation.