New SQUIRE Indirect Water Heater Models


by Lochinvar Marketing Department | 01/26/2010

Lochinvar is expanding upon its Squire Indirect Water Heater line with the introduction of six new solar models, as well as the addition of a new size to the existing standard indirect model – all of which are manufactured at Lochinvar headquarters in Lebanon, TN.

Previously offered in five standard indirect models and sizes, the Squire Indirect Water Heater was designed to use the power and efficiency of a residential boiler to generate domestic hot water, consuming fuel more efficiently than a direct-fired water heater and significantly reducing operating costs. With the addition of these seven new models, the diversified line more than doubles in size and offers innovative new options as well as increased energy savings.

Standard Indirect Squire Models
With the addition of a new 65 gallon capacity model, developed to offer a mid-range size ideal for many homeowners, the original standard indirect Squire models are now available in 30, 40, 50, 65, 80 and 119 gallon capacities (SIT030-SIT119). This wide array of sizes ensures that all residential space requirements and hot water demands are efficiently and effectively met, while also eliminating the need for an additional gas line, electrical connections and vent ducts required with installing a separate direct-fired tank-type water heaters.
Solar Squire Models
The new Squire solar models draw heated water from a separate solar energy collector to naturally provide hot water for showers, laundry, dishwashing and all other household water requirements. These models are offered in two solar configurations, each of which is equipped with a unique backup heat source. Like all of the water heaters in the Squire line, the solar models feature high output 304L stainless steel heat exchanger coils, offering maximum heat transfer efficiency with more surface area to deliver large amounts of hot water.

The SDT solar models feature a dual coil design for boiler backup. The stainless steel coil in the bottom of the tank provides the primary heating source using solar energy, while the coil in the top of the tank is connected to the boiler. If the hot water demands exceed the capacity of the primary source, due to weather conditions or excessive hot water use, the boiler provides a backup source of heat to meet the hot water requirements. The SDT models are available in 65, 80 and 119 gallon capacities (SDT065 - SDT119).

Offering a different approach, the SET solar models are equipped with electric backup. Like the SDT, these models feature a stainless steel heat exchanger coil at the bottom of the tank that uses energy from the sun to provide the primary source of hot water. However, in place of the second coil designed for use with a boiler, the SET models are designed with a connection to the electrical system, which is energized only when inclement weather or elevated hot water demands come into play. The SET models are also offered in 65, 80 and 119 gallon capacities (SET065 - SET119).

Setting the Industry Standard
Due to the internal size of the Squire’s heat exchanger and its external surface area, this advanced line is known to exceed the recovery rate of gas fired water heaters and is capable of supplying as much as five times the amount of hot water as a comparably sized electric water heater. The two-inch thick, high-density insulating foam has a tested R Value of 13.4, offering the industry’s lowest standby losses and ensuring the ultimate in energy-efficient operation. In fact, almost all of the Squire models offer standby losses of less than one degree per hour.

The Squire is also equipped with a durable plastic jacket that provides a rustproof finish even in wet and corrosive environments. Constructed with 316L stainless steel, all Squire tanks are subjected to a passivation process to improve corrosion resistance for years of reliable, dependable service. The simple design requires virtually no maintenance, saving money on costly service calls.

In addition, Lochinvar offers a limited lifetime warranty on the Squire for added peace of mind. “Not only is the expansion of the Squire line an industry breakthrough, offering innovative new solar models and the highest efficiency operation available, but all of us at Lochinvar take great pride in the fact that this technologically advanced line is manufactured right here at home,” stated Jeff Vallett, executive vice president.