Presbyterian Village North Retirement Community

Case Studies

by Lochinvar Marketing | 01/07/2011

        As the Baby Boom generation reaches retirement, the number of Americans over age 65 is expanding rapidly. As a result, a growing number of retirement communities are popping up across the country. Many offer a variety of living accommodations ranging from independent living to 24-hour care facilities, ensuring residents a continuum of care. 
        Presbyterian Village North in Dallas, Texas, is one such retirement community. This 64-acre facility, which opened in 1980, is home for approximately 750 retirees and employs more than 200 staff members. The multiple facility housing options include 147-single dwelling homes, a 78-bed assisted living facility, a 166-bed nursing home, a 55-bed Alzheimer’s special care clinic, and three apartment buildings with a total of 150 units. The campus also includes a library, various dining rooms, beauty shops and barbershops, a pharmacy and an activity center.

        Corrigan Activity Center, the location of various community events, recently needed an update to its 30-year-old heating system. The center’s existing boilers could not keep up with the heating demand after the addition of administration and nursing offices.

        Atlantis Services of Dallas, Texas, the primary contractor for the facility, was challenged to select a new heating system that would meet the demand of the building, fit a large amount of Btu’s in the limited mechanical room space, and lower the facility’s energy bills. The retrofit also had to be completed in one weekend.

        Atlantis Services chose to install four Lochinvar Power-Fin® (PBN1700) boilers, which were compact enough to fit in the floor space of the small mechanical room and deliver the Btu’s needed to fulfill the heat load. The four boilers deliver a total of 5,916,000 Btu/Hr output in the same space previously occupied by two boilers with approximately 2,500,000 Btu/Hr output.

        “The size of the Power-Fin fit the application, and Lochinvar has always provided good, dependable equipment,” said Russell Gifford, General Manager of Atlantis Services.

        Operating efficiency was another key factor in choosing the new boilers. The Power-Fin models operate at 87 percent thermal efficiency, which means 87 cents out of every fuel dollar are used to create heat. The 30-year-old boilers, replaced by Atlantis Services, were approximately 65 to 70 percent efficient. Gifford expects the facility to save approximately $20,000 per year in fuel costs.

        The biggest challenge Atlantis Services met was performing the retrofit over a cold weekend in January 2002. The boilers were not the only equipment Atlantis was replacing. System pumps were replaced, vent system controls were added, and all of this had to be put into an Energy Management System in just 3 days!

        Atlantis started the retrofit Friday morning and had the system running and up to temperature by 11 p.m. Sunday night. “Atlantis Services personnel are very professional,” commented Rusty Clevenger, Director of Operations at Presbyterian Village North. “With this installation they definitely went above and beyond. We had a window of opportunity, and they worked around the clock to ensure PVN residents comfort and safety.”

        “The Power-Fin is an amazing piece of equipment,” said Gifford. “We were all amazed at how fast the equipment brought the loop up to temperature. The Power-Fin raised the loop from 58 to 180 degrees (Fahrenheit) in just 15 minutes.”

        The successful retrofit of the boiler system at Corrigan Activity Center was due to the combined effort of Atlantis Services, Ashcraft Company (Lochinvar manufacturer representative in Dallas), and Presbyterian Village North personnel. “Boiler problems at a nursing home, it can come down to (resident) evacuation,” said Clevenger. “Atlantis Services worked with our people from the earliest planning stages, and with Lochinvar to ensure smooth installation and resident comfort and safety.”

        Additional replacements and upgrades to existing boiler and domestic water heating systems for Presbyterian Village North over the next few years, including the replacement of boilers in Joyce Hall, an apartment building on the complex. “Number one, they are honest,” said Clevenger, “and number two, they listen to my needs. Those who come to trade fairly and honestly with me are always welcome.”

        “Atlantis and Lochinvar have both met those criteria without a question,” said Clevenger.