SYNC® Boilers with SMART TOUCH™ Score Touchdown at ESPN Headquarters

Case Studies

by Lochinvar Marketing | 05/30/2013

At ESPN headquarters in Central Connecticut, the state-of-the-art broadcasting center continues to evolve and advance as the hub of multimedia sports entertainment. From small beginnings in 1979 to its current campus spanning 123 acres, the facility features 18 buildings – and even has its own football field!

In 2010, the ESPN Radio Building, which also houses several television studios and the ESPN store, required a boiler replacement when the existing system began to fail. The ESPN team worked with FIA, Inc., a premier HVAC manufacturers’ representative for the New England region, to find a high-efficiency solution.

Eric Montas, FIA Sales Engineer, recommended the SYNC Condensing Boiler from Lochinvar. Through its combination of stainless steel heat exchanger technology with modulating/condensing combustion, SYNC delivers thermal efficiency as high as 98 percent. To meet the heating and hot water demands of the building, Montas specified two 1 million Btu/hr SYNC Boilers. 

Elite Mechanical, based in Bristol, Connecticut, handled the installation of the new system. Due to the small size of the mechanical room, removing and replacing the boilers within the tight space posed a slight challenge. The existing boilers occupied a small footprint and were PVC direct vented, which SYNC was able to align with seamlessly to simplify the installation. “It was a really tight fit in the mechanical room, but SYNC’s compact size and direct vent design was the perfect match for this replacement,” said Montas.  

To improve the system efficiency, the team also redesigned the building pumps and piping in the mechanical room. From start to finish, the installation took a total of three weeks. According to Paul Hammell of Elite Mechanical, “It was a quick, easy install – all we had to do was connect the piping and away it went. The SMART Touch control makes system setup really simple too.”

The ESPN building management team reports significant savings on energy bills for the Radio Building, and they’re very pleased with the performance of the SYNC Boilers which average 2,100 - 2,200 run hours per boiler. In fact, they have several other Lochinvar installations planned and in progress for other buildings on campus.