The Streak Continues


by Lochinvar | 06/23/2008

Lochinvar Corp. is proud to announce a new record for annual sales. Lochinvar has experienced 25 consecutive years of increased sales. The company’s ongoing growth streak officially hit the quarter-century mark at the end of its fiscal year on Nov. 30, 2004.

Relentless innovation, superior technology, and unsurpassed quality remain the cornerstones of Lochinvar’s success. Lochinvar maintains facilities in Detroit, Dallas, Tampa, Philadelphia and Branbury, United Kingdom. This year, Lochinvar opened a brand new distribution center in Orlando to keep up with demand for its water heating equipment.

”The re-investment of capital back into our core business values of engineering innovation, superior customer service, manufacturing excellence, and training and education has sustained our growth for 25 years,” says Lochinvar president Bill Vallett.

The company also earned the 2004 “Governor’s Award for Excellence” for workplace safety at its world headquarters in Lebanon, Tenn. Lochinvar has been recognized by The Nashville Chamber of Commerce as a leading “Manufacturer of Excellence” in the Middle Tennessee region.

Lochinvar is a family-owned company dating back to 1919, when industry pioneer Walter Vallett, Sr., helped develop the first automatic gas-fired water heater. Today, a third generation of the Vallett family owns and operates Lochinvar in accordance with the industry-leading standards established by their grandfather more than eight decades ago. Lochinvar reaches a global market—from the United Kingdom to China, Australia, Central America, the Middle East, and more.