SHIELD™ Commercial Water Heaters

Packaged for the smallest possible footprint and designed for installation flexibility, the SHIELD commercial water heater comes in 10 models in standard and ASME construction equipped with Smart Control™ technology.

  • Defense Against Lime Scale

    The SHIELD water heater provides defense against lime scale buildup to keep heat surface areas clean and efficiency high.

  • Fully Modulating Burner

    The SHIELD water heater boasts a 5:1 turndown ratio and can fire at as low as 20% input and increase to 100% at peak demand.

  • Control at Your Fingertips

    Monitor your SHIELD heater with optional CON•X•US® Remote Connect to get alerts on changes in your system’s status.

  • Installation Flexibility

    Seven venting options allow installers to set up the SHIELD water heating system with ease.

Collage of various water heaters

Lime Scale Protection

What is a tank water heater’s worst enemy? Lime scale buildup within the tank. If the tank and heating surfaces accumulate even a quarter inch of lime, thermal efficiency can decrease alongside up to 25% increases in operating costs. SHIELD commercial water heaters have no flue tubes in the tank and heat water in a separate stainless steel heat exchanger to protect against lime buildup.


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